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Welcome to High Tide Soaps!

Our family makes soap by hand using the cold-process method.

We use high-quality, skin-safe, ethically produced, and sustainable ingredients. 

All of our soaps cleanse very effectively without drying.

Our focus is making products containing thoroughly researched and carefully chosen botanicals, essential oils, natural mineral clays, and plant extracts that really pamper skin.

Soaps are made from scratch in small batches and poured by hand in Truro, Nova Scotia.

We are proud to offer Naked, Artisan, and 100% Natural soaps.

Find out the differences between the types below!

Artisan Soaps


~ Fragranced with paraben & phthalate-free high-quality parfum and/or essential oils

~ Contain skin nourishing botanicals

~ Made with gently exfoliating natural clays

~ High-quality cosmetic grade colourants

~ Vegan friendly (except Honeycomb)


~ No animal testing + cruelty-free suppliers


~ May have biodegradable eco-glitter sprinkled on top for decoration

Naked Soap


~ Colourant free

~ Fragrance-free

~ Saponified oils only (pure soap)

~ Vegan friendly


~ No animal testing + cruelty-free suppliers


~ Great choice for those with allergies, problematic skin, or sensitivities

100% Natural Soaps

~ Colourant-free (colours come from clays, oils, or botanicals only)


~ Scented with pure essential oils only

(no synthetic fragrances)

~ Contain skin-nourishing botanicals

~ Formulated for specific skin issues

~ Made with gently exfoliating natural clays

~ Vegan friendly

~ No animal testing + cruelty-free suppliers

Check out the interview we did with SubKit
for their GoSolo entrepreneur e-magazine! 

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